Liz Mannering - Senior Consultant


I have over 15 years experience in the software industry, covering the complete development lifecycle including project management, business modelling, requirements management, architecture, analysis, design, implementation, test and change management.

My considerable experience of object oriented design and development in languages such as Java SE and C# .Net gives me a deep understanding of the dynamics of software development projects.

I have considerable experience as a practitioner in the area of software development process and specialises in mentoring on the application of Use Cases, the use of the Unified Modelling Language (UML) and the management of iterative projects.

My 6 years experience of the IBM Rational Unified Process (RUP) and has provided consultancy and training across all its disciplines.

I have worked with number of high profile organisations, including leading financial, retail, charitable and government organisations, providing services such as:


I enjoy a wide range of interests inlcuding:

Software Development Speciality Disciplines

Software Development Tool Experience

Qualified to Present IBM Rational & other Courses

Qualifications Held


American Express

Introduced business modelling using UML and requirements management using use cases to a software development team who were creating a card servicing system for global use. Provided training in UML, IBM Rational RequisitePro and IBM Rational XDE tool use.

The Land Registry

Provided consultancy and mentoring to more than 20 project teams in the day to day management of their iterative projects using their tailoring of the IBM Rational Unified Process. Assisted the ongoing tailoring and implementation of their process. Also carried out the role of technical engagement manager for this client. Investigated and reported on system performance and build quality against business requirements.

The Home Office

Provided consultancy and mentoring as part of a team implementing a requirements discipline for a high profile programme. Provided mentoring and training in business modelling with UML to police staff and other programme members. Designed and implemented requirements management process that used IBM Rational RequisitePro. Took the role of lead Business Analyst and lead Requirements Analyst.


Planned the roll out of a requirements management process that used IBM Rational RequisitePro as a requirements management tool for a dispersed development team of UK and offshore staff. Mentored the team in tool use and requirements process. Created business models of key business areas and trained staff in business modelling.


Provided training in support of corporate rollout of tailored IBM Rational Unified Process in the following areas: business modelling, object oriented analysis and design principles, visual modelling with UML and use of IBM Rational Rose visual modelling tool.

Charities Aid Foundation, Laserscan, Organon, The RAF, The Cabinet Office

Provided training in the following areas: business modelling, requirements management using Use Cases, object oriented analysis and design principles, visual modelling with UML, use of IBM Rational Rose/XDE, use of IBM Rational RequisitePro, Borland Delphi 6 IDE and software development principles.

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