EnigMac screenshot EnigMac is a Mac OS X native Cocoa simulation of a World War II German Enigma encoding machine.

This first version models the M3 Naval Engima as used by the German Navy until the introduction of the four rotor M4, around 1942.
The simulation features selectable rotors (types I to VIII) with ring settings, selectable reflectors (types B and C) and drag and drop connections on the plug board.
I hope to be adding some of the other models of Enigma machine in the near future.

The application uses some new features introduced in Mac OS X 'Panther', and so at present requires a minimum of Mac OS X 10.3.
You can download the current version (1.0.1) from here (compressed dmg, 132KB).
Updates since the last version are minor - the keys are now styled on the real Enigma key cap, and the name of the application has changed from "Enigma X" to EnigMac to avoid confusion with another product which is actually nothing to do with the Enigma, but is established already.

There is a lot of information about the Enigma out there on the Internet, but it is not always accurate. The double stepping behaviour of the rotors on this and other Enigma models in certain positions is a common ommission as most sites state that the motion is a simple right to left knock-on such as an car odometer does. This paper by David Hamer describes in detail, with a sample double step, the behaviour of the rotors and was massively helpful to me in building this simulation.
Tony Sale's site provided me with the rotor and reflector wirings and a very easy to understand walkthrough of the encoding process.
Paul Reuvers' site provided another detailed process walkthrough, a barrel load of links to other useful sites, and a PDF Enigma logo used to create the icon graphic for EnigMac. Also his simulator for Acorn RiscOS is a thing of beauty, and inspired me to create a good simulation for Mac OS X.
The Crypto Simulation Group have a load of useful links, and also host a very complete Windows based simulation of the M3 which has been used as a reference for validating the EnigMac simulation.

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